Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rain Dodging

we had a pretty chill holiday weekend. the weather forecast was pretty dismal, but we managed to avoid most of the heavy showers every time we went out.

it started out with a surprise package to Thor from Daphne with an awesome t-shirt in it - Thor rocked it all weekend.
we did some road riding (50 miles! I almost died. Thor said he's never felt better), some puttering around the house, some thai dinner at our favorite local restaurant, some low-key trail riding plus pancake breakfast with friends, we watched the season 2 finale of Downton Abbey (so good!) - and then yesterday just Thor and I went out to syncline so he could help me work a couple of technical lines that I've struggled with for the past few years. it was great! i rode two out of the three lines for the first time ever! you can see my excited face after clearing one especially long and steep section. it was a treat to be able to head out and just focus on taking as much time as I needed to figure out the lines without having to worry about reaching a destination.


  1. Love the "Mighty Thor" T-shirt!!!

  2. You are a badass Sarah! I would barely want to walk down that!