Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cotton Candy Sky

This is one of the prettiest views of Portland I've ever seen. Took this with my iPhone on my bike commute to work last week. No filter applied - the colors in the sky were stunning!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Birthday Weekend to the McKenzie

My birthday was this past week - hurray 34! I think it is going to be a good year. 

My birthday itself was great - breakfast with mom and AJ, and dinner with T at Castagna that evening. AND mom made a coconut cake. Yuuuuuuum!

A throwback picture to when my love affair with cake first began. 

Then Thor and I went to the Mckenzie area for the weekend to float and mountain bike. The weather was amazing - I love playing outside. It makes me feel alive. 

Before floating. 

Fall colors are incredible!

We ended up hanging out with Dave & Leah - who Thor knew up in Alaska. They're great! Dave showed us around a new (to us) trail on Oleary Ridge - a new IMBA Epic designated trail. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Sweater For Ava (or Anya)!

Finished this sweater a little while ago for one of Alana's twins. Mom knit the other one so we could send them two!

Pattern: Cottage Creations hooded cardigan
Yarn: Berroco, Comfort (nylon/acrylic blend)
Color: 9737

Old Friends & MTB and Paddling With W - SO fun!

This past weekend was a double-hitter. We PROMISED ourselves we were going to stay in town to clean the house and get organized for our trip to Canada, but of course we got talked into playing instead! 

Friday we rolled down to Oakridge to camp with our friends Morgan, Dave, Matt, Michelle and all their kids. It was great to see them! Our schedules don't overlap much now that they have little ones, so Thor and I were excited to get an invite to join them. It was really pleasant getting caught up a bit at camp, and Mira (~3 yo) and I even got to read a couple books together in the sprinter van!

Saturday the boys and I went riding, while Morgan and Michelle took kid patrol and spent time at the lake (maybe a better choice at almost 90 degrees!)
At the top of Alpine. We rode the Alpine-TireMtn.- Cloverpatch - Alpine loop. Always a great choice!

Me - coming down through Tire Mtn. a little fuzzy, but you can see how big the trees are!

Perfect blue skies!

The view from the bottom. 

Gunnison Gorge Packraft - Alpacka Shop Trip

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slowly but Surely: House Projects

We're making progress! Thanks to Anna (for painting) and Audrey (for feeding us) for their help last week - we got the kitchen painted! Now we just need to get a final light fixture and put our shelves back up - getting close!

We picked Benjamin Moore's Ozark Shadows for the grey in the kitchen. it is SO much brighter! The kitchen cabinets look waaaay better. 

old color: 

new color - I'll try to take more, and better 'after' pictures when the shelves are back in:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Jam-Packed, Fabulous Weekend North to Visit Dad in Alaska!

We got back two weekends ago from a great trip visiting Dad in Alaska. We fit a lot in, but it was still relaxing and wonderful to spend so much time with Dad. Here's the whirlwind photo essay tour:

Friday - lunch at the Drunken Goat (is that right?) - a Kaladi owned restaurant in west anchorage. we had a great pizza with reindeer sausage on it. yum!

Friday afternoon Thor and I hit Flattop for a little leg stretch. it was SUPER windy. 

Tundra colors never get old. 

Getting out in the mountains close to town like this makes my heart ache. 

Thor is running in this picture because 'he felt like it' - I have NEVER heard Thor say he felt like running. crazy times. 

Did I mention it was windy?! check out the flag (and my hair!)

Headed back down to meet dad for dinner at Namaste Shambayla - a Tibetan restaurant near Lake Otis and Tudor. Yum!

Saturday = fishing in Seward! The weather reports were dire, but we ended up with PERFECT weather for fishing - we had a fantastic day!

I miss this scenary!

Thor with a rockfish. 

Happy sea lions in the background. 

The whole haul! We went with a guy named Jon on Inn and Out Charters out of Seward and he was the best guide we've ever been out with! Friendly, personable, and full of helpful tips. Highly recommended. 

Me and my halibut! We limited out on fish and came home with a nice cooler full to bring us through the fall. 

Sleepy, sleepy little mouse on the drive home from Seward after flailing the waters all day with rod and reel. 

Light on the mountains in Turnagain Pass. 

And rolling through the Portage area.

Sunday! After an early morning trip to Kaladis and a visit to Lighthouse Christian Fellowship with Dad for early service we hit the road to boogie down to Girdwood for breakfast. Extreme? You might ask this, but Thor had never had a Bake Shop breakfast!!! So the 45 minute drive seemed totally justified. 

Faithful Bake Shop fans will be happy to know that the interior layout and high quality food remains just as remembered! (Unlike the harbor bakery in Seward. Yuck! Don't waste your pretty pennies there). 

Smiling after acquiring coffee #2 of the day (and no, Thor still isn't drinking coffee. He's holding my decaf)

Devouring his first sourdough sweet roll with raisins. 

Oops. Thor was giving me his excited face for sourdough pancakes (amazing and as sour and thin as ever!) - but apparently I clicked the button too quickly. I think he liked them more than this!

After breakfast we headed up to Crows Pass to poke around a bit. Thor and I did a mini out and back on the Crows Pass trail, and even saw a black bear from a distance (which Dad spotted from the parking lot). 

On the way back to the highway we stopped and hiked the Winner (Winter? I can never remember) Creek trail with Dad down to the tram. 

This isn't a great picture, but you can kind of see the tram car going out over the river. It's about a 30' drop down to the water. We opted not to ride it because there were about 25 people waiting in line. 

Then back to Anchorage where we drove up to Stuckagain to check out the old house. Look at how the trees have grown up! you can barely see the house from the street. 

At the bottom of the driveway. 

From the street down by the Archeys. The red looks nice!

And here is dad's new house down off of Northern Lights. It's got a great layout and garage access from inside (a feature I appreciate WAAAAY more after living without it) - and it's a convenient walk up the street to Kaladis. Score!

Thanks Dad for being such a great, welcoming host for the weekend. We had a really good time visiting with you!